Stock, Roasted Duck

Large square glace de canard gold
This highly concentrated premium roasted duck stock is reduced to a glace in the hand-made traditions of the finest French classics. Glace de Canard Gold adds deep flavor and rich, roasted color to your favorite dishes, providing an elegant finishing accent to boost the flavor of your grandest sauces.


More Than Gourmet's insistence on exacting preparation in the old-world style of the French classics has created a stock that delivers pure, intense taste and texture. Makes 4 cups duck stock. Packaging includes recipes for Apple-Butternut Squash Soup, Barley Risotto with Duck Sausages and Duck, Apple & Manchego Cheese Salad.

Ingredients: duck sauce, chicken sauce, mirepoix stock (carrot, onion & celery stocks) duck fat, salt, gelatin, tomato paste, white wine, sherry, chicken meat, natural flavors, spices, chicken fat and garlic extract.

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