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Glass jars are the best container for storing your spices. These flint glass jars will keep your spices fresh for a long time.

When ordering, please keep in mind the difference between weights and volumes. Think of the old adage about a pound of feathers and a pound of gold. The 4 fluid ounce jar has a 1/2 cup capacity, and will hold between 1 - 4 ounces of herbs, spices or blends depending on how dense it is. We sell 1/2 cup refill sizes to make it easier.


1/2 cup shaker jar is 2" wide by 4-1/4"tall

4 fluid ounces equals 1/2 cup.

Spices and herbs will retain flavor and aroma for many more months when properly stored--up to a year or two. We highly recommend these sturdy, flint glass jars. Spices should be kept cool, dry and dark. This preserves their flavor, aroma and color. If you find any of your blends caking, this is because they have picked up moisture in the air (we do not add preservatives to our blends). Keep these blends in the refrigerator. Examples are cheese blends, Sunny Paris, tomato powder and any spice that is a very fine powder. Seeds and red spices contain oils that can turn rancid, and should be refrigerated.

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