Oregano, Greek

Oregano spice is among the most popular herbs in the world. It has a bright, tangy, lemony flavor that’s essential to Italian and Greek cooking, but the most common use for it in the United States is as a seasoning for pizza.
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Greek oregano is commonly used in in Mediterranean and Southwestern cooking. It was hardly used in this country until after World War II, when many returning GIs who had been stationed in Italy yearned the pizza they had eaten during the war. Oregano spice was one of the key flavors, and pizza’s popularity took the herb out of obscurity and its sales increased by a whopping 5000%!
Greek oregano is bright and sweet tasting with lemony overtones, and is a flavor we often associate with Italian cooking. Its clean, mildly citrus notes blend nicely with dishes from the Mediterranean.
We also carry an Organic Greek Oregano.

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