Salt, Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt

Harvested from the pristine deep ocean waters off the island of Molokai, this beautiful salt has a brittle, crunchy texture as well as its gorgeous deep black color, making it a dramatic and tasty finishing salt. Sprinkle this black lava sea salt over salads, egg dishes, and grilled fish, or use to top breads or fancy desserts for an impressive presentation.
Also available as Kiawe Smoked and Red Alaea


The Hawaiian Island archipelago is extremely isolated from other land masses. Within the Hawaiian Islands, the island of Molokai is the least developed, This means there is virtually no industrial runoff or pollution to affect the purity of the local waters. Seawater is mixed with highest purity and quality activated charcoal, and dried inside of a high-tech, custom designed solar evaporator. The food grade solar pans are hermetically sealed to allow slow evaporation, which leave the large salt crystals intact. This also retains all the valuable trace minerals and electrolytes. This yields a black sea salt which is only about 84% sodium chloride, with 16% trace minerals.
The resurgence of salt harvesting on the island of Molokai has brought new life to the economy of the island. The black Hawaiian sea salt is bottled and labeled under supervision of certified salt masters, who are members of the Salt Masters Guild of Hawaii. 
Although the dominant flavor or these crystals is pure salt, the flavor is very bright and strong, due to the presence of the trace minerals. 
Percent sodium: 36.08%, sodium per teaspoon: 1984.4mg

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