How to Grill Everything, by Mark Bittman

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Mark Bittman's has done it again. This book serves as both teacher and muse to anyone who wishes to cook over flames. Playing with fire has never been this delicious.


From a simple searing to a slow smoke, How to Grill Everything is a definitive guide to techniques both novice and novel.

Whether you use gas or coals, you'll learn how meats, vegetables, and even fruit transform over open flames.

Like a choose-your-own-adventure novel, Bittman's recipes feature a primary approach with several suggested flavor variations for you to try.

You could grill chicken thighs every night for a week and never eat the same thing twice.

Bittman eases you into one of the most simple, satisfying, and primal desires in the human experience: Grilling.

To accompany this book, we selected the four most versatile and called upon spices in his grilling recipes and put them in one box.

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