Hyde Park Seasoning

We developed this savory blend to reflect some of the characteristics of one of Chicago’s oldest and most distinguished neighborhoods. With a hearty flavor base of paprika and garlic and sophisticated notes from shallots, Hawaiian sea salt, and grains of paradise, this workhorse blend is delicious in a wide range of dishes.


From its early fame as host of the Chicago World’s Fair to its recent celebrity as the home turf of the Obama family, Hyde Park has always played an important role in Chicago’s history and place in the world. We wanted this blend to reflect the characteristics of this diverse neighborhood, while being as useful and versatile in cooking as the neighborhoods has been in city life. Starting with a hearty base of our best Tellicherry black pepper, Hungarian sweet paprika, and garlic, we added elegant freeze-dried shallots and sweet, lemony coriander to reflect the sophistication of a neighborhood known for world-class museums and the acclaimed University of Chicago. Crushed bird chilies provide a hint of heat, in a nod to the brightly colored Monk parakeets that have colonized Harold Washington Park. In honor of President Obama’s ties to the neighborhood, we added African grains of paradise and Hawaiian sea salt.
With a savory balance of hearty flavors, this blend is a favorite for roasted or grilled vegetables, particularly cauliflower, potatoes, and artichokes. Use it as a rub for slow-roasting meats, where the long cooking time allows the flavor the the grains of paradise to really develope. Mix into ground turkey for wonderful turkey burgers.
Hand blended from: Kosher salt, black Hawaiian sea salt, sugar, minced and granulated garlic, Hungarian sweet paprika, Tellicherry black pepper, mustard powder, grains of paradise, minced dehydrated shallots, crushed red chilies, green onion flakes, coriander. Sodium content: 223.05 mg per teaspoon; 8.58% sodium

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