Indonesian Korintje Cassia Cinnamon, 4"

This thick quill cassia vera AA is from Pedang, Sumatra, and has a smooth, uniform appearance ideal for canning and crafting. These handy 4 inch sticks are ideal for stirring hot cider or other beverages, and fit into tall canning jars for sweet pickles.
Also available as 12" Sticks and 2 3/4"


Spice Region
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A popular use for cinnamon sticks is to break them and use in mulled wine or hot apple cider. You can make your home smell warm and festive by simmering plain Korintje cinnamon sticks in hot water for about 15 minutes. For an aromatic smoke, add whole 4-inch Cassia cinnamon sticks to a wood burning fire.

There are about five 4" sticks per ounce.

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