Jalapeno Chile Peppers, Ground

Jalapenos are one of the most popular peppers in the chili family, with a clean, sharp heat that compliments other flavors and dissipates quickly. This finely powdered version makes it easy to shake a little heat into anything you’re cooking, from soups and salsas to omelettes and cheese dips.
Also available as Diced


Spice Region
Inline central america mexico

Made from dried and powdered whole jalapeno peppers, this powder has a nice heat level at around 25,000 Scoville units. It gives a pleasant kick of heat that wakes up the palate without leaving a lingering burn, making it a great choice for milder or creamy dishes.
This is a very fine powder, which can be irritating to breathe if it gets in the air. Use carefully in a well-ventilated area.

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