King Creole Seasoning

Rich and savory with a little kick of heat, this blend is essential for authentic Cajun cooking. King Creole Seasoning is wonderful in classic Cajun dishes like gumbo, jambalaya, and étouffée, or use it to season vegetable stews, crabcakes, or grilled seafood.


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Inline southern us

We’ve been making this blend, similar to Emeril’s classic seasoning, since well before “Bam!” was a household word. Paprika, onion, and thyme give this blend a classic creole flavor profile, livened up with a little pepper heat. Not too salty or spicy, this blend is perfect for use in cooking, but it also stands up as a rub for roasted meats or blackened fish, or shake it straight onto prepared food instead of salt and pepper for a little cajun twist.
Hand mixed from: salt, paprika, high bulk garlic, onion, black and red pepper, Greek oregano, thyme. Sodium content: 507.15 mg per teaspoon; 14.49% sodium

Check out this blend being using in a burger recipe.

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