Salt, La Baleine French Sea Salt

This pure white granulated salt come from one of the oldest salt-producing regions of the Mediterranean, in the South of France. The fine, even texture of Baleine sea salt is ideal for cooking, baking, and using in salt shakers.


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La Baleine sea salt has been produced by Salins-du-Midi in the Aigues-Mortes saltworks, in Camargue, France since 1856, but there have been salt facilities here since neolithic times. It is gathered from the salt-pan at Aigues-Mortes, a protected area covering some 10,800 hectares of wild marshland.
This fine granulated salt, Sel De Mer Fin, is a similar texture to ordinary table salt, but with a pure salt taste and no added iodine.
Ingredients: Fine Sea Salt, anticaking agents:magnesium carbonates, magnesium oxide, yellow prussiate of soda Coarse Magnesium Oxide.

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