Little Italy "New York City" Style Italian Herb Blend

Based on our versatile Italian Herb blend, this jazzed-up version has hints of lemon and garlic for a sophisticated seasoning that’s great in any Italian cooking. Use to make a classic red sauce, mix with oil and vinegar for Italian salad dressing, or shake onto meats or vegetables before roasting.


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This blend starts with traditional Italian herbs like oregano, thyme and basil, with savory instead of rosemary for a mellower base. We add pungent minced garlic and tangy lemon zest to give it a well-rounded flavor. Use this blend instead of regular Italian herbs for extra flavor in any recipe, or keep some at the table to shake onto prepared food. Liven up frozen pizza by rubbing a pinch of herbs between your palms and sprinkling on before baking.
Hand-mixed from: Greek fancy oregano, sweet basil, marjoram, thyme, summer savory, minced garlic, and lemon peel.

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