Onion Salt, Fancy

Salty and savory, this simple mix of pure granulated California onions and fluffy kosher salt is an ideal seasoning salt in any dish. Shake a little in place of regular salt for extra flavor on popcorn, bagels, sauteed veggies, or use as a base for homemade rubs.
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Onion salt is a cornerstone of seasoning salts. Our regular blend has granulated dry onion powder with fine-grained salt. Our fancy version contains coarse Kosher flake salt and green onions, along with granulated onion powder.

Sprinkle it on bread or bagels, along with butter or cream cheese, over veggies, or as a seasoned salt nearly anywhere.

Sodium content of Fancy Onion Salt: 876.00 mg per teaspoon; 26.55% sodium

Ingredients: kosher salt, dry onion powder, minced green onion. Sodium content: 2320.47 mg per teaspoon; 39.33% sodium

Collections: Alliums Kosher Spices

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