Orange Peel Zest

This extra fancy California orange zest offers exceptional flavor and color. It has an alluring sweetness, perfect in baked goods, dressings, and marinades.


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Orange peel zest is the high oil outer peel of the orange, without the bitter white zest. Dehydrated orange zest has a concentrated flavor, so you only need add a third of what your recipe calls for in fresh peel. To rehydrate, add three parts water to one part peel and let stand 15 minutes (this is rarely necessary).
We recommend these grated orange peel zest granules be kept in an air-tight jar. The essential oil content, which gives it such a strong flavor, is so high that it will actually degrade a plastic bag in a matter of hours.
Try adding it to breads, cookies, pies, biscotti, cheesecake and other dessert dishes. Often called for in marinades, orange peel can be added to rice for extra flavor, or used to spice up hot or iced tea.
Looking for a twist on regular orange zest? Try our Seville Orange Zest.

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