Orris Root Powder, Organic

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Orris root powder is primarily used as a fixative and preservative for perfumes and potpourri. Powdered orris root is commonly used around the holidays for preserving pomander balls, and is an ingredient in dry shampoo.


Orris root is from a species of iris grown in Dalmatia, Coatia. It has a scent similar to violets; it was a popular flavor in the 1800's, used as a flavoring agent for syrups and tinctures and in some Moroccan cuisine. Orris root powder is not considered edible, and is used for its mildly floral scent and preservative qualities when making pomanders, wreaths, and potpourri..
A Pomander ball is a citrus fruit or small apple into which cloves are inserted in even rows. After covering the fruit with cloves, roll it in a mixture of equal parts cinnamon and orris root powder. This adds greatly to the fragrance and, due to the preservative nature of the orris root, the ball will hold its marvelous scent quite a bit longer.

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