Gluten and Allergen Information

The Spice House seasonings are gluten free!

Due to increasing awareness of gluten-related health issues, we've worked to eliminate wheat gluten from our products. We heard from customers that gluten-free spices can be hard to find, especially spice blends. As more people cut gluten from their diets for health or allergy reasons, we wanted to provide a source for premium-quality spices that we could guarantee did not contain gluten. We've replaced the wheat in the few recipes that used it with corn masa, switched to corn flour-based smoke powders, and made sure our extracts, which are on grain alcohol bases, are certified wheat gluten free. Two products we carry that do contain wheat are asofoetida, used in Indian cooking, and Classic French Demi Glace. Both of these are unusual in that they come to us prepackaged. This is good as there then is no risk of cross contamination with the seasonings we blend. Our Glace de Canard Gold (Duck Sauce) is our only product that contains soybeans. Again this product is prepackaged.

Allergen Information

People who have specific allergies can call us at (312) 676-2414 for information on ingredient lists and what else each spice may have come in contact with.

We use dairy in some of our blends. To guarantee that a non-dairy blend has no cross-contact with dairy products, please order from our kosher Milwaukee store by calling 1-888-488-0977.

We do not use peanuts or tree nuts, egg, soy, fish or shellfish in any of our blends. However, people with severe allergies should be aware that some of our ingredients are processed in other facilities, and we cannot guarantee that these products have never been in contact with the above allergens.

Why do cooks trust The Spice House?

With Tom and Patty Erd's commitment to quality products and expert sourcing, chefs have trusted this family business for decades. Order online or visit one of our four retail locations to shop for spices, herbs, and seasonings.
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Excellent selection of spices, always fresh and the staff is very helpful! Highly recommend. Try the white truffle salt!

Tushar Khandelwal, Google Review