Partner Testimonials

Partner Testimonials

Since 1957, The Spice House has offered a huge selection of the freshest spices, herbs, and seasonings from around the globe. We grind and blend everything in small batches to produce the highest quality artisanal seasonings.

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MeatCrafters, Washington, D.C.

"MeatCrafters produces the highest quality sausages, traditionally cured salamis, Skinny Salamis, and other charcuterie in the United States.  There are four critical components to our products; the best antibiotic-and-hormone-free cuts of meat, the unique and refined recipes, our highly skilled and talented production team and, finally, the best spices in the world.

MeatCrafters sources our spices exclusively from The Spice House.  Over the fifteen years we have been in business, we have been contacted by countless providers of spices from all over the country.  Every time those companies send us samples, we set up double-blind taste tests.  Nobody else has ever come close to The Spice House.  The flavor, aroma, colors, and visual components of their spices are unmatched.

The Spice House is also an absolute pleasure to work with, both professionally and personally.  Their staff are incredibly helpful and resourceful, orders are shipped out quickly, and they always go the extra mile to provide Grade-A customer service.  We don’t just have a one-way relationship with them either; The Spice House loves the products we make with their spices so much that they sell some of ours in their retail locations.  The symbiotic relationship we enjoy is emblematic of the type of cooperation we all wish existed in every industry."

-Aaron Kushner, General Manager, MeatCrafters