Parisian Bonnes Herbes French Blend

This light, delicate herb blend is perfect for seafood, eggs, and sauteed vegetable. Full of classic French flavors like tarragon, chervil, and chives, the bright flavor of this seasoning will add a French flavor to simple dishes.


Spice Region
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For a quick dinner that tastes gourmet, saute shrimp or scallops in butter, white wine, fresh garlic and Parisian Bonnes Herbes, and serve over a bed of rice or pasta. We also love this blend for whole trout or sardines; put a couple of slices of lemon and a big pinch of these herbs inside the fish, wrap in parchment, and bake at 400F for 20 minutes or until cooked through.
Add it to lighter soups and cream sauces, steamed vegetables, or mix into scrambled eggs or omelettes. Mix into sour cream or yogurt for dip or potato dressing.
Hand mixed from: French tarragon, chervil, basil, dill, chives, and ground Malaysian white pepper.

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