Gift Box, Peppercorns

The Spice House Peppercorn Gift Box is especially designed for the pepper lover who already owns a peppermill, who know that there’s nothing like the pungent aroma and taste of freshly ground pepper.. These four types of peppercorns give you the opportunity to vary your pepper flavor, from bright and hot to mellow and complex.


The four peppercorn selections are:


This is the richest, most robust black peppercorn because it is left on the vine to ripen longer than most pepper. The aging gives it a rich, almost fruity flavor. This is the only pepper we grind!


A favorite pepper with all our local German cooks, who use it in soups, sauces, egg dishes and sausages. Also helpful where black pepper would mar the presentation of a light-colored sauce.


A zesty pepper picked younger in the ripening process. It has a little bite, and is preferred for French cooking.


A deluxe blend of Tellicherry black, Malaysian white, Mysore green, and the expensive pink peppercorns from Reunion. Extremely tasty and colorful, this blend of peppers makes a lovely garnish.

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