Pilsen Latino Seasoning

Pilsen Latino Seasoning is an Hispanic adobo seasoning with a nice little kick to it. This blend of spices is great on pork ribs or chops, chicken or turkey, or in salsa or guacamole.


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North of the South Branch of the Chicago River, and east of Ashland Avenue is the area known as Pilsen. Historically a gateway for many newly-arrived immigrant groups, in the 1950's, Pilsen was originally home to large populations of Bohemians and Poles. They were gradually succeeded by Mexicans. These Latinos were joined by Puerto Rican, Cuban, and other Latin and South American nationalities. We named this seasoning in honor of this Hispanic population.
This adobo-style blend gets a nice bite from a few crushed red chile peppers. Rub on 1 teaspoon per pound for chicken, chops, steaks, fish or ribs. This spice blend is also great added to salsa or guacamole for a little pizzazz. This hot blend is not for the wimpy!
 Also known as Walker's Point Seasoning in our original Milwaukee Spice House location.
Hand mixed from: coarse Kosher flake salt, garlic & onion powders, Mexican oregano, ground Indian cumin, Tellicherry black pepper, cayenne red pepper, hot red pepper flakes. Sodium content: 591.74 mg per teaspoon; 19.09% sodium

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