Peppercorns, Pink Brazilian

These fragile, fruity berries are not related to true pepper, but they have a sweet peppery taste that’s wonderful in cream sauces, seafood, and fruit. They are easily crushed to sprinkle onto finished dishes as a colorful garnish.


Pink peppercorns, or rose baises, are fun to use in cooking, as they add both a fruity, peppery flavor and bold, beautiful color. These berries are grown primarily in the Brazilian state of Espirto Santo, located along the southeast coast just north of Rio de Janeiro.

NOTE: The pink pepper tree, Schinus terebinthifolius, is in the same family as cashew and mango trees, and may trigger an allergic response in people with allergies to tree nuts.

From a small mastic-tree, these little berries are not a proper member of the pepper family. The green berries grow in tiny clusters of white flowers that form in autumn, and become bright red before harvesting. Their name comes from their similarity to true peppercorns in both size and shape.

Sweet and mild, they make a colorful addition to many dishes: salads, eggs, seafood, white sauces. Most notably, pink peppercorns are used in fish, poultry and game dishes. They go well with rich meats and are often used to flavor delicate sauces to accompany seafood and pork.

Since they are too soft to be ground in a peppermill by themselves, they are sprinkled whole or lightly crushed in most dishes. When sautéed or cooked in sauces, you may be surprised that the flavor changes to become very similar to black pepper. Used as a garnish, they make a stunning color presentation. Pink peppercorns are also blended into our "Peppercorns Royale". Try it for its flavor variety and color effect.

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