Pork Pit Masters Gift Box of Seasonings for Pork

From ribs to chops to bacon, it’s hard to wrong with a good cut of pork. These four delicious seasonings are our staff favorites for flavoring the whole hog.


We don’t feel we need to sell this box to you, all things pork are pretty much delicious. These four delicious seasonings will just give you a few new variations. A poll of our pig-loving management team picked these winners. Brochure with suggestions and ingredient listing included, along with edible packing material of Turkish bay leaves, Indonesian cinnamon sticks, and whole nutmegs.

Gateway to the North Maple Garlic Seasoning 

A huge staff favorite for many kinds of pork, from chops to bacon! The sweet and savory balance in this blend is wonderful rubbed directly onto pork, or use it to make your own bbq or sloppy joe sauce.

Bavarian Seasoning 

A traditional coarse German rub for roasting meats, this salt-free blend is fantastic on a pork roast. With pungent brown mustard seeds underlying a bright herbal flavor of sage and rosemary, it will entwine with the rich smell of roasting meat in the oven and get the whole family's mouths watering!

Bronzeville Rib Rub 

This is a classic Southern-style rub for the kind of tangy, sweet, spicy ribs we just can't get enough of. Rub directly onto a slab of rubs for a wonderful dry rub, or mix with tomato sauce and butter for an unbeatable grilling sauce. Designed for ribs, but also tasty as a rub for grilled chops.

Gary Wiviott's BBQ Rub 

This complex rub was developed by Chicago's own BBQ Life Coach, Gary Wiviott. While we can't all be BBQ geniuses, at least we can now steal their secrets! Use this as a dry rub on any kind of pork, especially on low-and-slow BBQ ribs.

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