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Gift Box, Curry Collection
Gift Box, Curry Collection
Gift Box, Curry Collection

Curry Collection

Over the centuries, cooks from Mumbai to Manchester have developed a near-infinite variety of curries, but it's the rich stews of India that we most associate with the dish. Some of these emphasize cayenne and ginger, some coriander and pepper. Recreate your favorite signature dhansak, saag, or vindaloo, or perfect your own with this Curry Spice Gift Box. 

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Sweet Curry

The word curry is Tamil for sauce. In the 17th century, curry powder was introduced to the Western hemisphere when employees of the British East India Company decided to take home the flavors of South Asia. This blend is our most popular for remaining rich in flavor with no heat. Also available in Hot Curry Powder.

Curry, Sweet

Garam Masala

Garam Masala, which means warming spices, comes from northern India. Instead of turmeric, this blend includes rarer spices: cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. Our version swaps the standard cumin out for charnushka seeds, also known as nigella.

Curry, Garam Masala Ground

Hot Curry

The word curry is Tamil for sauce. Originating in South Asia, the story of curry's dispersion is the story of the British Empire. Today, you'll find it in the cuisine of the former colonies, from South Africa to the Caribbean. This spicy curry powder is for the adventurous chef who enjoys making roghan josh, madras, and vindaloo. Also available in Sweet Curry Powder.

Curry, Hot

Tandoori Salt-Free Seasoning

The tandoor is the traditional clay oven of northern India. Using a combination of radiant heat, convection, and smoke, it cooks dishes to perfection. This oven is the catalyst for beloved Indian dishes including tandoori murgh and tikka masala. Use our tandoori blend with yogurt to make a delicious marinade.

Tandoori Seasoning


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