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Duck Fat

From Escoffier to Lefevre, France s great chefs have used duck fat for its silky texture, mild flavor, and high smoke point. Frying in duck fat boosts potatoes and popcorn into the stratosphere, and it s perfect for savory puff pastry. Duck fat is actually the healthiest animal fats and one of the most efficient you can strain and reuse it several times.

The Spice House
The Spice House


Graisse de Canard Gold® is a classic rendered duck fat that is perfect for confits and general sautés. Our duck fat’s high flash point and lower cholesterol make Graisse de Canard Gold® more versatile than simple butter or other cooking fats. Try it once and it will become a permanent staple in your kitchen. Some other tasty bits: Duck fat french fries are an excellent use for this product and especially decadent with a pinch of truffle salt. Duck fat and sage pair well together. Try pan frying butternut squash in duck fat and adding fresh sage.



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