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The Spice House
ExactPack Kebab & Salad Deluxe Variety Set
ExactPack Kebab & Salad Deluxe Variety Set
ExactPack Kebab & Salad Deluxe Variety Set
ExactPack Kebab & Salad Deluxe Variety Set
ExactPack Kebab & Salad Deluxe Variety Set
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ExactPack Kebab & Salad Deluxe Variety Set

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Patio fare for any occasion, this special collection of spice blends will have you clicking your tongs in no time. Each globally-inspired recipe is easy enough to prepare on a weeknight, but so deliciously fun that you’ll be serving these at your next dinner party. Simply follow the recipes printed on each ExactPack label.
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The Spice House

Why ExactPacks?

Our pre-measured seasoning packets take the guesswork out of gourmet cooking. Impress yourself with these deliciously simple dinners that serve 4 to 6 people. 


Maple-Glazed Salmon Kebabs ExactPack

  • Ingredients: Maple sugar, brown sugar, garlic, kosher salt, pepper, onion.
  • Sodium contents: 130mg per teaspoon.

Jamaican Jerk Pork Kebabs ExactPack

  • Ingredients: Onion, garlic, kosher salt, cane sugar, allspice, chiles, pepper, thyme, nutmeg, cinnamon, sage.
  • Sodium contents: 290mg per teaspoon.

Spicy Peri Peri Chicken Kebabs ExactPack

  • Ingredients: Salt, spices, chipotle, paprika, garlic, green onion, parsley.
  • Sodium contents: 230mg per teaspoon.

Spicy Thai Vegetable Kebabs ExactPack

  • Ingredients: Paprika, spices, garlic, lime peel, lemongrass, shallots.
  • Sodium contents: 0mg per teaspoon.

Curried Shrimp Kebabs & Slaw ExactPack

  • Ingredients: Turmeric, coriander, cumin, spices, shallots, onion, garlic, cane sugar, curry leaves, kosher salt.
  • Sodium contents: 20mg per teaspoon.

Grilled Romaine and Ranch Salad ExactPack

  • Ingredients: Salt, monosodium glutamate, onion, garlic, bell peppers, pepper.
  • Sodium contents: 1,010mg per teaspoon

Tuscan Grilled Steak Salad ExactPack

  • Ingredients: Garlic, onion, kosher salt, pepper, bell pepper, cane sugar, rosemary, paprika.
  • Sodium contents: 310mg per teaspoon

Greek Grilled Chicken Salad ExactPack

  • Ingredients: Kosher salt, pepper, cane sugar, garlic, lemon, onion, oregano.
  • Sodium contents: 1,320mg per teaspoon


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Customer Reviews

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Gary W.

Love the idea for meal planning ideas. Good comments from guest

Colleen K.O.

These packs were great for traveling and tasted wonderful, especially the Greek grilled chicken salad.

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