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The Spice House
Gift Box, Smokehouse Collection
Gift Box, Smokehouse Collection
Gift Box, Smokehouse Collection
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Smokehouse Collection

Smokehouse masters across America use methods evolved over generations for infusing meats with the rich and complex flavor of smoke. They experiment with different woods, various preparations, and with the length of smoking time to arrive at techniques that are part science and all art. Over years of sampling the results, we have collected the essential spices to bring the flavor of your steak, brisket, and pork to authentic smokehouse status.

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The Spice House

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Milwaukee Avenue Smokehouse Rub

Our Milwaukee Avenue Smokehouse Rub is smoky, sweet, and replete with marjoram, garlic, black pepper, and paprika. Apply it Chicago-style that is to say, liberally to burgers, steaks, chops, and jerky. Don t tell your Polish babcia, but it is also great on tofu and veggie burgers.

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Milwaukee Ave Smokehouse Rub

Pullman Smokehouse Pork Rub

The dining room of Chicago's fabled Hotel Florence inspired this classic pork rub. In the heydey of the railways, it was a splurge to finish work at the Pullman factory and feast on a double-cut chop at the majestic hotel across the street. Our smoky, peppery Pullman Smokehouse Pork Rub will dress up any chop.

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Pullman Pork Seasoning

Brisket of Love Barbecue Rub

A Spice House manager created this sumptuous blend as a parting gift for guests at his barbecue-inspired wedding. It is sweet and tangy with a peppery bite, perfect for slow-smoked brisket. Use this blend to add some kick to your Shabbat dinner, corned beef, or homemade pastrami.

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Brisket of Love BBQ Blend

Old Virginia Smokehouse Barbecue Blend

For centuries, communities around the Northern hemisphere have communally hung meats for curing and smoking. Since few among us have access to a smokehouse, the Old Virginia Smokehouse Seasoning delivers the richness of hickory to chops, ribs, or barbecued steaks. The smoke flavor thrives alongside green herbs, sugar, and peppery heat.

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Old Virginia Smokehouse


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Anne G.

We are extremely happy with our smokehouse seasoning! We love the carefully blended spices along with the fact they are all very fresh tasting. No old grocery store spices here, and you can taste the difference! Thank you, Spice House

Helen L.F.
Country Style Ribs

Yes, I have enjoyed these rubs, Smoked a brisket, Pork Butt, Chicken and Country Style Ribs. all turned out very well.

Bito K.

Very good

Charles C.

Great product

Allison T.

I am extremely disappointed in the publication made from the CEO of Penzeys spices and the affiliation spice house has to Penzeys. I have been a strong supporter of Spice House and have converted my entire spice cabinet as well as begun conversion of the spices of family and friends. I have never seen anything so unprofessional and crude from leadership of a company and given I can only do so much to show my disgust for the messaging, I will no longer be purchasing any Spice House spices or blends and neither will any of my family or friends. I sincerely pray for the CEO that he finds love and peace in his heart and hope that all of those (half of the country) he called racist will forgive him as well for such ignorance and hate. Extremely disappointed and disheartened.

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