Pullman Pork Chop Seasoning

Historic Pullman Pork Chop Seasoning is our best spice blend for pork chops. Based on the recipe used in the Florence Hotel, this deceptively simple blend brings out the savory flavors or any cut of pork.


This blend was named for the historic area of Chicago where they developed an experimental city for the employees of the Pullman train car company. The beautiful Florence Hotel was frequented by the management staff more than the working man, but with enough of his earnings saved up the working man could splurge on a delicious pork chop dinner (as replicas of their menus in the early part of the century indicate).
Hand mixed from: coarse black pepper, granulated garlic fine salt, onion powder, white pepper, China No. 1 ginger, hickory smoke powder. Sodium content: 195.23 mg per teaspoon; 6.57% sodium

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