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Adobo Black Beans With Epazote

You may cook this same recipe with canned beans or even do an overnight soak.

Some will argue that the overnight isn't necessary.

The Epazote here is used for some flavor at the end, but also aids in keeping the musical fruit from playing its tune :)



2 Lbs black beans (Serves 6-8)


In a large pot, boil 10 cups of water, add beans stirring often for two minutes.

Remove from heat, cover and let beans sit for 1 hour.

Drain beans and rinse them off in water.

In the same pot, sweat onions and garlic in oil.
(You can save some raw onion for garnish)

Add six cups of water, Adobo Seasoning and your stock cube.

Let this mixture simmer on medium low heat for over an our, until beans are tender.


Add Chorizo or smokey bacon for some more body.


Knife, Pot, Stove, Strainer.


This recipe was provided by Jeff M from Evanaston