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April Morning pancakes

Inspired by a beautiful April spring day, and a recent (while in Chicago) visit to The Spice House (www.the spicehouse.com) in Evanston IL where I procured, among other things, a re-supply of their “Lakeshore Drive” seasoning, and – for this recipe – their “Toasted Onion, Minced”, and dried Chervil… I suppose you could use ordinary dried diced onion if you don’t have the “toasted onion” mentioned, but the flavor of their “toasted onion” is “febbalus” (Bayern for ‘fabulous’…das Schmekt!!)



4-6 servings


Mix dry ingredients together. In a seperate bowl combine oil, eggs and milk and add to dry ingredients to make a batter, fold the corn into the batter. Preheat griddle between “low’ and “medium” heat – lightly oil the griddle – ladle on 4”-5” discs - let them cook until golden brown on each side (look for bubbles, turn once).

We served them 4 ways:
* with a little maple syrup, or
* with a little honey, or
* with chopped fresh tomato topped with a soft-center (runny yolk) fried egg, or
* with some medium-heat prepared salsa.

Wonderful served with a dollop of creme fraiche and chives.


I liked the honey best (with Aldi-brand German Roast coffee); Mary liked the tomato with the fried egg – all of these are “good!!!” however, and would also be a febbulus brunch with some bacon or ham, and roasted carrots, brined cucumber and garbanzo bean salad, and poached or scrambled eggs… and a Bloody Mary, or a hoppy lager or a hefe weissen…

Guten appetit !


This recipe was provided by M.B. "Mellow Haus" A from Tallahassee