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Back of the Yards Sausage Gravy

This discovery rivals the marriage of Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Growing up in the South, I've been searching long and hard for a good Sausage Gravy recipe. One morning, just tinkering with my Spice House Collection I tried this and ... WOW. Follow this recipe to the letter and you will be blown away at how good it is. ENJOY!





In a separate skillet, brown sausage. DO NOT DRAIN
Slowly whisk in gravy packet into milk in separate pot, along with sausage, fat and all. Stir steadily over medium heat.
As you stir, generously add the Back of The Yards from the shaker, to taste.
Gravy will slowly thicken as it heats up. Continue stirring until just about boiling. Once on the cusp of boiling, remove from heat.

Let sit for about three minutes, ENJOY!


This recipe was provided by Jeff H from Geneva