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Beef Prime Rib Roast

We needed to test this recipe ahead of time, to make sure it worked, for our website front page. So we made it for Thanksgiving, which was a bit odd. However, much to our surpise, the poor turkey takes a backseat when prime rib is around! This is now going to become a new Thanksgving tradition for our family.



Rub the olive oil into the roast and then immediately coat with the spice rub (pat the rub into all parts of the roast, including between beef and bones) The oil helps the seasoning to stick to the roast. Refrigerate overnight, cover loosely with foil.

Bring the roast to room temperature for at least an hour before roasting.

Remove foil and place roast in oven preheated to 500 degrees for 30 minutes.

Without opening the oven turn the temperature down to 350. For a rare to medium rare roast, start checking the temperature after about an hour (45 minutes if your oven runs hot) All ovens cook differently, this is why you need the meat thermometer. We found that a nice medium rare was 125-130 degrees. Allow the roast to stand at least 15 minutes before carving, this makes it juicier. To achieve the perfect doneness you are looking for, remember that the roast temperature will rise another 5-10 degrees as it rests.


It is quite simple to make a delicious prime rib roast provided you have three things.

1. A good butcher to provide you with high quality beef. A prime rib roast is an expensive proposition, if you are going to make it, don't go halfway by just picking it up at your grocery store. Take the time to order it from a high end butcher (Our Chicago choice is Paulina Street Market)
2. A good seasoning you like to coat the outside of the roast.
3. An instant read meat thermometer to make sure you get it to the temperature you want to serve it at.
4. You can substitute your favorite seasoning for the Quebec Beef Spice (we also love the English Prime Rib Rub).