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Breading for parmesan and variants

This was just me, thinking about how to get the flavor where it needed to be.





This is all about setting up your breading station. All ingredient amounts are estimates, use whatever amount you'd like. Adjust for the amount of meat or veggies you're cooking. Amounts as given will be enough for 6 pork chops or similar.

Mix together the flour, with salt, pepper, and garlic to taste. Mix in the tomato powder; use enough to give the flour good color.

Then, instead of using pre-flavored bread crumb, mix in the oregano and basil (dried really works best here) with the panko. The panko gives a great texture, and the dried herbs and panko are very similar in size, so it distributes well.

Spread breadcrumb mixture in a shallow dish. Thoroughly mix eggs and milk in another shallow dish. Coat ingredient to be cooked (sliced eggplant, chicken, pork, etc) with egg mixture, then dip in breadcrumb mixture to coat.


The herbs and tomato powder are when you'll be cooking with a tomato-based sauce, as per a parmesan recipe. I've also used French fines herbes, or bonnes herbes, with cod fillets. Here, lemon zest might replace the tomato powder.


This recipe was provided by Craig L from Las Cruces