Brown Rice with Crushed Red Pepper and Garlic

A fine chef I knew dressed Italian pasta this way. He adapted it from the peppery way the Japanese dress their Soba noodles. Try it on pasta, too. Optionally, add some parsley, lightly cooked arugula or spinach, or any other bitter green.

Yield: as you choose
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Brown Rice with Crushed Red Pepper and Garlic Recipe

Preparation Instructions

Cook Long Grain Organic Brown Rice.
Flavor some olive oil with Garlic powder.
Dress the rice with it.
Season to taste with Crushed Red Peppers and a tasty sea salt.

Experiment with a good bit of seasoning. The brown rice can carry the flavor.

Yield: as you choose
Helpful Hints

Lundberg Farms rice is my preferred brand, and your spices are just right.


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