Large chai tea

Chai (Masala Tea)

This recipe is an update of a chai recipe my mother gave me years ago. We have both spent the past 2 years improving upon the original recipe. Our whole family is becoming addicited to it!

Yield: 8 cups
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Chai (Masala Tea) Recipe

Preparation Instructions

Combine all ingredients except milk and sweetener, and boil for 10 minutes. Strain. Add the hot milk, and mix, with your choice of honey or brown sugar.

Yield: 8 cups
Helpful Hints

Place the ground cardamom in a tea bag, or muslin bag, if you don't want cardamom sediment in your chai. The Spice House offers muslin bags to hold all of the spices and tea for less overall sediment in your chai.


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Weldon G

Very good. I used dark brown sugar and used 1/3c. This is a great recipe.

Seran O

How do you boil the ingredients without adding the milk?

Constance C

This is my favorite winter afternoon pick-me-up. I prepare one batch for now and combine the spices for a second batch in a pint jar to store in the frig. Shortens prep time.

Pamela T

I have a question about the ingridents. You mention adding bay leaves, but European bay leaves or Turkish bay leaves are not used in Indian cooking. They do use a "bay leaf" called the "Indian bay leaf", more correctly called by it's Indian name, "Tejpata". It is completely different.

Do you mean to use the Tejpata leaf?

Larry I

They forgot to say boil the spices in 4 1/3 cups of water . :-))