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Cheddar Bleu Garlic Bread Bites

There used to be a restaurant in Beaumont, CA called the Rusty Lantern. They served a garlic cheese toast with the salad course that used a dried American cheese product. I recreated the toast at home, but the cheese was discontined in the stores. I found the Spice House and recreated my original formula using Cheddar Cheese Powder and Bleu Cheese Powder. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!





Spread baguette slices with softened butter
Sprinkle with a pinch of garlic and onion granules
Shake a nice amount of Cheddar Cheese Powder
Shake a little Bleu Cheese Powder
Shake a little paprika on the top
Place under broiler until golden brown (be watchful, they brown quickly)


Make a bunch because they go like mad. If you want larger slices, use regular sour dough bread slices.

Spice House note: Try the smoked Spanish paprika for a smokey taste.


This recipe was provided by Robb R from McCall