Large cheesy spicy popcorn

Cheesy and Spicy Popcorn

My soon-to-be hubby and I were craving popcorn and we had two different ideas for the popcorn. He wanted cheesy and I love spicy so we decide to combine our two favorite popcorn toppings and came up with this wonderful mix.

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Cheesy and Spicy Popcorn Recipe

Preparation Instructions

Put oil and corn into a lidded saucepan and heat, shaking pan frequently, until corn is popped (remove from heat when popping slows to less than 1 pop every 2 seconds). Shake spices in right after its done and still hot so that it sticks well.

Yield: Your choice

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lisa b

Picture cheesy as lazily relaxing on an innertube while on the lazy river.......spicy being all of the little kids bopping up and down around you......two different experiences at once!!!!
Try this one at least once....

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