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Chef Clay's "Kicked-Up" Garlic Butter

Use this compound butter on freshly steamed veggies, piping hot mashed potatoes or finish off a

nicely grilled steak with a dab of butter on top. Want to really impress your friends the next time

you make toasted garlic bread? Try spreading this butter on top of French bread and sprinkle

parmesan cheese on top. Enjoy…☺



4 pounds


Soften butter at room temperature. Place all ingredients (except sherry) in a mixer. Mix on low

speed and slowly add the sherry until thoroughly incorporated. Place in fridge for 10 minutes.

While waiting for the butter to harden a little bit, place a sheet of parchment paper on the

counter. Place about the same size of plastic wrap on top of the parchment paper. Transfer

butter from mixing bowl to the plastic wrap/parchment paper. Carefully form the butter mixture

into a shape of a log. Slowly roll the plastic wrap & parchment paper around the butter log until

you’ve completely covered up the butter. Fold ends to center and continue rolling to the end.

Place the butter log in freezer and use as needed. It will last up to (6) months in the freezer.


This recipe was provided by Chef Clay E