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Chicago Steak Seasoning Philly Cheese Steaks

I've just made, myself, what is, quite possibly, the greatest - greatest - philly cheese steak sandwich ever. And I've had Pat's in Philadelphia. I haven't made anything this good in years.



Pathetic Suburban Males' Grill Club



Dependant upon appetite


Directions: Cook steaks - as thick as you want your sandwich - until done, sprinkling Chicago Steak seasoning on each side.

as they start to get done, cover with as much of the Kraft American as you like and cover, lowering heat to let the cheese melt and not burn the steak

Slather the mayo on the untoasted bun and add steak and cheese (and mushrooms peppers and onions, if desired)

Keep drooling dogs away and devour.


This recipe was provided by Jeff H from Geneva