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Chicken and Grape Pasta Salad

My mother passed this recipe for pasta chicken salad on to me. It's a cold salad that's perfect for summer gatherings. It's also an excellent use of leftover chicken and turkey.



4-6 servings


Cook pasta, and chicken (or turkey). Cool and chill. Mix salad dressing and Cool Whip. Toss the pasta, chicken, grapes, nuts, celery and onion together in a large bowl. Add the salad dressing and Cool Whip mixture. Toss to coat the salad evenly. Sprinkle the top with paprika. Refrigerate until serving time.


You can adjust the amount of Miracle Whip and Cool Whip using equal amounts of both. Fat-free and low-fat versions of both are available to bring down the fat and calorie content.


This recipe was provided by Jennifer S from Chicago