Chocolate Salad Dressing

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I invented this right after we started carrying Chocolate Extract, while looking for new ways to use it. It's one of my favorite dressings for spinach salad.

Yield: Just over 1/2 cup

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Chocolate Salad Dressing Recipe

Preparation Instructions

Mix all ingredients and shake well.

Yield: Just over 1/2 cup
Helpful Hints

The ratio of oil to vinegar can be adjusted to taste - I like more vinegar than oil, but most salad dressings are the reverse.

This blend is also a great marinade for grilled fruit or roasted beets, or a nice oil to saute green beans in.
Any nut oil or fruit vinegar can be substituted - I like pecan/orange and hazelnut/strawberry.
When using this as a fruit marinade, try using 1 Tbsp Chocolate Extract and 1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract instead of 2 tsp Chocolate.

For grilled marinated fruit, marinate chunks of peaches, strawberries, pears or other fruit for 1 hour. Place on skewers and grill on hot fire for 5 minutes.


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