Large city style garden vegetable omlette

"City-Style" Garden Vegetable Omlette

You can pre-make all the ingredients and store in containers.
Just pop it in a frying pan, go take a shower & your there.

Experiment with your favorite herbs, that's half the fun.

Yield: 1

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"City-Style" Garden Vegetable Omlette Recipe

Preparation Instructions

Slice an onion, dump a 1/2 bag of frozen Veggies in a wok.

Mix those wonderful Herbs in 1/2 a cup of Eggbeaters, let it sit.

Add veggies to bowl of eggbeaters and mix.

Pour omlette into frying pan on medium heat.

Add a sliced tomato, salsa and some flaxseed oil and enjoy

Yield: 1
Helpful Hints

1 serving: 425 Calories. 37 grams protein, 52 grams carbs,
14 grams mono fat ( Omega -3)


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