Crockpot Cranberry-Orange Beef

After the departure of a house-guest left me with half a jug of uninteresting cranberry juice, pondering what I could use it for led to this.

Yield: 4-6
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Crockpot Cranberry-Orange Beef Recipe

Preparation Instructions

Add beef, cranberry juice, wine and spices into crock-pot and simmer on high for 4 hours or until meat is tender. Add orange zest and stir. Serve hot.

Yield: 4-6
Helpful Hints

* This recipe shines brightest when you use actual 100% cranberry juice, but it's perfectly tasty with plain old cranberry cocktail too. If you do use pure unsweetened cranberry juice, I recommend adding 1 cup honey along with the zest to offset the overpowering sourness of unadulterated cranberry.


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1 Comment

Maria A

This sounds kind of interesting. Can it be made with pork shoulder or loin? I love pork combined with cranberry and orange. Would you change the seasonings? Any serving suggestions for sides?