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Deviled Eggs

This is my own recipe, "fine-tuned" over the years. I added the chives and green onion flakes when I started buying my spices from The Spice House several years ago, and those additions were a great enhancement. The horseradish should be adjusted according to how fresh it is .. it can get to be too hot if it's too new!

Yield: 6
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Deviled Eggs Recipe

Preparation Instructions

Remove yolk from each egg half and place in small bowl; put whites aside. Mash yolks with fork; add next nine ingredients and mix very well to fluffy consistency. If yolk filling seems too dry/thick, add juice from dill relish 1/4 teaspoon at a time. Taste yolk filling and adjust ingredients as needed. Fill all egg-white halves to heaping, sprinkle with paprika and store in fridge.

Yield: 6
Helpful Hints

* You can use Spice House Horseradish Powder, be sure to allow time for the flavor to develop.

Do NOT add salt. Because of the mustard, dill relish, and horseradish these eggs will taste slightly salty.

This recipe can be increased easily to any number of eggs with ingredients adjusted accordingly.

These eggs do not keep well .. there are never any left!


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Rose B

After many attempts with rather "blah" results, we fixed this and enjoyed the recipe. The pepper corns were attractive as well. Rose


What is that Seasoning you put on it.