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Dry Rub for Pork and Salmon

This recipe makes a large amount of dry rub. I worked on it for a year--adding and subtracting--and finally got it to this delicious flavor after discovering the great herbs and spices at the Spice House. It's impossible without the smoky paprika and chipotle dry pepper. If you want less, just cut the recipe into thirds.



3 l/2 cups


Mix all together and sift - keep in a quart jar in the refrigerator.

When preparing your salmon or pork, use very liberally on both sides. Let it sit about 5 minutes, then cook or grill as you choose.

Salt your meat or fish as you cook it, since this is a salt free recipe.


If you like your meat less sweet, then use 1/2 cup of brown sugar.

You can use it on anything, but since it's fairly sweet, its best on pork products and fish like salmon.

Photo submitted by Nancy Mullis of shecookshecleans.net.


This recipe was provided by Helen S from Albany