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Egyptian Tea

Yield: 4 Cups
Collections: African Beverage

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Dried hibiscus flowers have a gorgeous deep pink color and an intense sweet-tart fruity flavor, wonderful in tea, preserves, and baked... Size Options
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This fragrant orange blossom water is commonly used in the Mediterranean to flavor sweet pastries and breads. Delicately floral with... Size Options
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Egyptian Tea Recipe

Preparation Instructions

Steep the hibiscus in the water in a pitcher for 40 minutes but no longer than 1 hour. You can drain the tea through a fine mesh sieve or place the hibiscus in cheesecloth and then strain out the excess liquid. Once you have strained the tea you can now start adding the orange flower water, sugar and honey. Place in the fridge to cool, however you can enjoy warm.

Yield: 4 Cups
Helpful Hints

You can replace Orange Flower Water for Rose Water or any type of floral based water.


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Paul W.

Just made this from Hibiscus flowers I got from the Spice House Evanston. Just follow the recipe word for word,don't over steep it and you have a delicious beverage.Thank You Julian for submitting this recipe.

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