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False Coffee Chocolates with Agar-Agar



Make coffee and stir in chopped dark chocolate, stirring constantly until dissolved. Put crushed cardamom pods to infuse into coffee and chocolate mixture, then let it cool completely. Add brown sugar and agar agar powder, mix with a whip and heat again. As soon as it begins to tremble, let it boil slowly from 20 to 30 seconds, then carefully pour into tiny molds for chocolate pralines (don't let the cardamom pods pour into the molds). Time 2 hours, our coffee and chocolate cubes are ready to be eaten.

They are very intense and strong, you feel the dark chocolate and cardamom on the lingering coffee background. They are especially good and very light! Come on, it is almost like eating a coffee chocolate, but that leaves no sense of guilt! The only thing left is the intensity of coffee and the pleasant aroma of cardamom.


This recipe was provided by Giulia