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Fresh Fruit Ambrosia

For you fruit lovers, this is a great ambrosia for the whole family any time of day. It's a tasty use for fresh seasonal fruits.



6-8 servings


1. Use a large mixing bowl (5 qts. or larger, and one large (3 qts. or larger) or two smaller (2 qts.) with
lid(s), plastic storage containers.

2. Prepare your choice of freah fruit into bite size pieces and place into the large mixing bowl. I always use apples (with skin on)as my base fruit, since they are available year around and add a "crunchiness" to the mixture.

3. Pour into the large mixing bowl, 2-3, 16 oz. cans of fruit (with liquid) depending on the volume of fresh fruit you have used. Less fresh fruit more canned fruit; more fresh fruit less cannned fruit. The canned fruit is meant as supplements and sweetners to the fresh fruit. One or more of the canned fruit should be in a syrup, vs. water or natural juice, depending on level of sweetness you desire.

4. Add your fruit seasoning of choice. I prefer caribbean calypso seasoning and lime peel. The juice from the canned fruit will rehydrate the your fruit peel of choice. I also add mint leaves (chopped fresh or dehydrated), a couple splashes of key lime (sweeter than the more common persian lime)juice, and some splahes of triple sec (orange flavored liquor). Triple sec also acts as a sweetner, so use accoringly.

5. Mix the seasonings and fruit in the large bowl trying not to crush the softer fruits such as bananas, watermelon, canned peachses, etc. When thourghly mixed, pour into your storage container(s) and refrigerate.

6. Takes about 20 minutes to prepare.



1. You can make this an "everlasting" mixture, by adding new fruits to the existing liquid in the storage container.

2. There are endless varities of fruit ambrosia mixtures availble depnding on your choice of fruit, seasoning, and other additives. So experiemnt. Mixes for desserts, for the kids, a geographic or seasonal theme, are just some ideas.


This recipe was provided by Calvin P from Dekalb