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Greek Tomato or Mixed Greens Salad

Greeks make this summer salad or variations of it - what is available, all year long.
In winter we use lots of different lettuce greens (arugula, dark and green lettuces, some bitter endives, we mix it up).
When only tomatoes are used "do not use vinegar" only the best extra virgin olive oil you like, the tomato acids are enough.

I never measure the dressing, just eyeball it - usually the salad is gone quickly when I bring to summer neighborhood gatherings, or recently to winter get-togethers.
I've heard some who may not know me "try the salad, it's really good".

This recipe has evolved, being a Greek who love salads, we add lettuce greens available locally at the Farmers Markets.





1. Wash all the tomatoes, onions, greens, etc. well and put aside to remove most of the excess water.
2. Next cut tomatoes, green onions, or greens into small pieces.
3. Mix all tomatoes and/or greens together.
4. Add the olives and crumbled-up feta on top.
5. Sprinkle the oregano, dill weed, garlic powder on salad.
6. Ratio of Olive Oil to Vinegar:
2-3 Olive Oil to 1 Vinegar.
Greeks don't like their salads with lots of vinegar.
Lived there for 5 years and learned that.

Mix well and pass around with crusty bread!!
Healthy and Delish, all year!!


Cut everything at the last moment for freshness.
Don't put dressing till just before serving.
Mix everything together and serve.


This recipe was provided by Anastasia G from Chicago