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Green Goddess Dressing - light and healthy

I saw a similar recipe and decided to blend 3 or 4 green goddess dressings with my ideas. Spice House French Leaf Tarragon is really strong and delicious and I always have it on hand, whereas fresh tarragon is not always available. So I substituted parsley and the dry in place of fresh. The Vit C helps retard discoloration.



1-1/2 cups approx.


Scoop out avocado
place with rest of ingredients into blender and blend until smooth.


This is good over fish, on mixed greens, on sliced tomatoes by themselves. A good salad is arugula,watercress tossed with a little, topped with fresh sliced tomatoes and drizzle a little more on the tomatoes. Add salt and pepper to tatste.


This recipe was provided by Helen S from Escondido