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Grill Seasoning My Way

I love the smoky flavor of hot smoked Spanish paprika from The Spice House - it's the best! I wanted a grill seasoning that could be made to my specifications and without too much salt. I always like to make my own decisions on salt after cooking - as you know, you can always add, but never take away. Here is a seasoning I came up with for sprinkling on steaks, hamburgers, lamb and other grilled meats. I sprinkle it on liberally before cooking, then add a dash afterward for extra flavor.



about 3/4 cup


Place all on a paper plate and mix well. Fold the plate in half to form a funnel and pour the mix into jars with sprinkle lids.


Be sure to use granulated onion and garlic, not a fine powder. This is a fairly hot seasoning, if you like it less hot, omit the chipotle powder, but the flavor will be less smokey. You could also add some smoke flavored powder if you like.


This recipe was provided by Helen S from Sun City