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Grilled Sunny Spain Shrimp or Chicken or fish

Sunny Spain is my favorite spice combination. I started using it years ago, when I was trying to cut down on my intake of salt.

This spice adds fabulous flavor to many of my dishes-from veggies to meat!



I mix the oil or butter with some of the Sunny Spain and brush it on the meat before cooking.

Grill the meat.

If the meat has too little spice, I shake on a little more while it's on the grill. Your guests will rave about your cooking abilities!


I usually serve this with rice.

Kabobs of vegetables like peppers, zucchini, onions etc. work well with the same oil and Sunny Spain coating. You can serve them together for the same meal.

Costco sometimes sells skewers of chicken fingers, which I prepare as above and serve at parties. There are never left overs!


This recipe was provided by Kathleen P from Itasca